Shark Cat Edition

I have a new favorite YouTube Channel: TexasGirly1979. This video, she has dressed her cat in a great white shark costume, set him on a Roomba and turned a baby duck loose. It looks like the shark-cat is chasing the duck, then the duck follows after shark-cat. Her pit bull, dressed as a hammerhead shark, wanders in but doesn’t seem terribly interested – or surprised – at the scene.

Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba

Microsoft pulls Patch Tuesday kernel update – MS14-045 can cause Blue Screen of Death

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Important update!

Originally posted on Naked Security:

Microsoft has pulled one of its August 2014 Patch Tuesday updates.

MS14-045, which fixes various security holes in the Windows kernel, can cause a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), thus forcing a reboot.

Apparently, the BSoD is caused by incorrect handling of the Windows font cache file – and because that happens during boot-up, you end up stuck in a reboot loop.

(Yes, MS14-045 requires a reboot after you’ve applied it.)

The euphemistically-named “bugcheck” number that you’ll see if you are affected is: 0x50 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

The reason this problem didn’t show up in testing is because it only happens under rather specific circumstances,

You need to have one or more OpenType Font (OTF) files, installed in non-standard font directories, that are recorded in the registry with fully-qualified filenames.

A default Windows 8.1 install, for instance, includes only TTF (TrueType Font), TTC (TrueType font Collection) and FON (Windows bitmap FONt)…

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Neutral State Edition

This real estate listing touted the home’s neutral decor. Call me crazy, but I only see one room that could be considered neutral – and I would actually classify it as icy-cold white!

Neutraldecor7Not neutral: floral-on-floral-on-floral-on-floral theme. It’s like a floral version of an M.C.Escher work.

Neutraldecor1Not neutral:

Neutraldecor2Not neutral:

Neutraldecor5Not neutral:

Neutraldecor3Random photo of shelf the front door, showing you absolutely useless space that will be difficult to dust.


Home Decor Edition

When most of us have people over, we make the beds and hide the odd bits of clutter. How much more work would you do if someone where taking pictures and posting them for everyone to see? Apparently, some people would do much, much less. From a real estate listing:

Couldn’t they have spent a few minutes neatening the sheet?


I needed to see that from another angle.


Just what this room needed to sell me – these have to stay! Vacuum cleaner, sheet of foam, religious picture and dirty clothes.