Wrap It Up with a Bow Edition

Theft from Auto – 3500 Mina Terrace – Victim reports vehicle was unlocked. Suspect stole competition bows and case.

While it’s likely these were archery bows, I like to think there is some sort of competition for who can tie the prettiest bows.

Theft (Shed) – 4100 Block of Gingerwood – Victim reports unlocked shed was damage by the suspect.Suspect removed gas can. Victim observed foot prints to and from the ditch line, unknown orig.

Ummm – if it’s footprints, let’s guess the origin was feet.

Burglary –  3200 Block of Radiance – Victim reports entry was gained by unknown means. Suspect removed Kindle Fire, cell phone, cash and laundry detergent.

I guess he made a clean getaway.

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